Ann has taught me how to approach new situations & people with the least amount of anxiety & the most amount of enjoyment. Ann's coaching style gave me the confidence to pass my driving test.
AK was struggling with anxiety & lacked confidence when meeting new people. This prevented them from trying new things & generally getting the most out of life.
I have huge changes approaching.  The techniques I have learnt will help me to reach my goals as I now have the ability to organise & see them through to a satisfactory conclusion.
KN was lacking in confidence & doubted their own judgment.  They were trying too many things at once and not achieving any of them to the effect that self-esteem had sunk to an all time low.  They learnt to balance, not juggle.
My coaching sessions were ... Enjoyable; Insightful; Very Helpful; LIFE CHANGING!
GR was living a chaotic life & wanted more order & calmness. After only four sessions she achieved the life change she wanted.

(Ann) certainly made me feel stronger & positive about the future & all of the challenges that lay ahead.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart....

AS was suffering from work related stress.  They were 'signed off' by the Doctor & desperate to get back to the work they basically loved but were unable to, do due to anxieties. 
My situation was improving but I was very disorganised. I needed guidance in how to set myself achievable goals.(Since coaching) I have become a lot more organised & motivated.
TB was trying to improve their work life balance themselves & doing an OK job but progress was slow because they didn’t have the time or skills. They turned to Life Coaching to speed things up & provide a structured way to be more organised that saved them time & effort.
(I was) In a muddle, overloaded, didn't know how to organise my time.  I found my coach to be understanding. Also non-judgemental and accepting. She offered useful ideas that were manageable enough to implement and...
KK says it all.
(Ann) really helped me understand who I am and what to do when my life feels unbalanced. My future looks positive now I can plan & prioritise when I feel all over the place. 
AC didn't know how to cope or control their feelings. They had little motivation and felt they were failing at life.