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Coaching is expensive isn't it?

You’re not the only one to think this. Coaching is an investment in you – an investment in your dreams & ambitions.  Think of Coaching as adding value to your life.  What is the value of the relationship you have with your best friend?  What is the value of having a well balanced life that you enjoy every moment of?  Most of my clients that make the investment, find they gain far more than they ever thought possible & what they do gain (more time & less stress) exceeds their expectations & is excellent value for money. If you’re not satisfied with your chosen programme* for any reason & you feel you’re not getting value for money by the midway stage, providing you have met the terms & conditions, I will guarantee to refund your money.

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Why don’t I just read a self-help book?

There are so many self-help books on the market that it’s almost impossible to know which one will be the best for you. It can be false economy if you buy a book, then only use part of it or give up on it after a few weeks later. Second hand bookshops shelves are full of them. Many offer good advice but they can’t Coach you as books can only offer instruction, not interaction.  By their nature, they are written for the masses – to appeal to everyone. IVY work life balance COACHING offers a personal service, tailored to your individual needs, providing motivation, accountability, support, & sustainability. It also comes with a money back guarantee, which books can’t do!

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I’m too busy for Coaching – I have a demanding job & a family to look after

Today’s pace of life is manic so I appreciate that finding the time for your Coaching sessions is an issue. Once my clients try Coaching, most enjoy the ‘time out’ their sessions give them, as they learn to work more effectively & create more time for themselves. If you really can’t find the time for your chosen programme* by the half way stage, providing you have met the terms & conditions, I will guarantee to refund your money.

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I’ve got this far on my own.  Why do I need a Coach to help me?

We should all congratulate ourselves on making it this far in life in an ever-changing world. Change (even good change) is scary stuff. Helping clients make changes is what I do best. Why go it alone, doing what you’ve always done? There may be a better way of doing things out there that you don’t know exists. I help you overcome the fear of the unknown by making the changes manageable, fun, but also challenging, as I’m there to support you.  You can go it alone, but you’ll get there quicker & smarter with a Coach.

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Is it for me? I’m not sure it will work for me

The only answer to this question is to talk about it to find out. I offer a FREE 30 min ‘Discovery Session’ for me to find out what is getting in your way & for you to discover how I can help you. Visit the contacts page to book yours. What have you got to lose?

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*A programme comprises of more than one (two or more) Coaching sessions.