• Is A Change Is As Good As A Rest?
    Sunday, November 13, 2016

    Is A Change Is As Good As A Rest?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m nearly all done with change!  I usually send my newsletters out individually but as the list grows, the time it takes to do this is getting longer.  I’m trying to use Mail Chimp (a method of sending professional looking newsletters out as emails).  It’s a change I’m introducing to my business practice to make better use of my time so I get a better Work Life Balance – I have to set a good example, don’t I!  It’s not going as smoothly as it could.  My IT skills are wanting & even basic stuff that a two year old can cope with has me flummoxed! I initially used the ‘Willy Nilly’ approach which resulted in me sending a promotional email out to 68 members of a professional networking group which looked like a feared competitor had got hold of it & sent it out of malice.   Embarrassing!

    Following my own coaching advice, I am now attempting proper Change Management, in the form of Lewin’s model.  Lewin knew nothing about computers, as his model was formed back in the 1940s but it does make for a solid, logical approach without the emotions – mainly screaming in frustration at the stupid chimp face on the Mail Chimp site whose smile seems to mock my every move, undo, delete & ‘this doesn’t seem to have worked’ pop up.

    Let me explain about Lewin’s Change Management Model – it was designed for organisational change, but can be applied to personal changes as well – providing you know what you’re doing*

    Here’s the story behind the model.  You have a cube of ice, but for whatever reason, you decide you want a cone of ice.  You can chip away at the cube with a pick axe (it’s a very big ice cube) but this is dangerous as you risk breaking the cube into little splinters of ice.  A much less violent way is to un-freeze or melt the ice, pour it into a cone mould & re-freeze it.  When that’s done, you can turn out a perfect ice cone.  All the contents of the H20 are exactly the same, but you have changed the shape into something you want/is more useful/more efficient.

    As far as this newsletter is concerned, the content will be the same, the recipients (you) will be the same (although there are a few more of you now) but the look of it & the delivery will have changed.  I’m sure once I get ‘the change’ nailed, I’ll have made an improvement to my WLB.  Every day’s a school day!


    *I’d strongly recommend using the services of an expert for big life changes.


    I’m not suggesting for one minute that you go out and make a change for change’s sake.  If you have something you want to change, then try Lewin’s model. Below is a link that will explain the process in more detail.

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