• Do You Suffer From The Special Snowflake Syndrome?
    Monday, December 19, 2016

    Do You Suffer From The Special Snowflake Syndrome?

    We may be currently experiencing one of the mildest Decembers on record but I’m talking about snow this month – specifically snowflakes.  No two snowflakes are the same as they are formed by a unique set of circumstances that occur in the atmosphere at a particular point in time.  Just like snowflakes, us humans are completely individual!  Identical twins can have the same DNA but each fingerprint on a human hand or toe is formed due to a unique set of circumstances that occur in the womb at a particular point in time.

    So, we all know about snow & fingerprints, but have you heard about the Special Snowflake Syndrome (SSS)?  It’s a state where an individual has an inflated opinion of themselves because of something they do/are/have.  They think what they do/are/have is unique to them & therefore they are special.  In reality, what they do/are/have is often shared by many others & is in no way unique, but sufferers of SSS don’t know or recognise that others are in the same position.

    SSS can motivate people to take their ‘unique qualities’ & make a success of their lives.  They can use them to good or bad ends as is their choice.  SSS is not a bad thing to have, unless it involves a problem, a burden or a dark cloud in life.  In cases like this it can be isolating, make life miserable or even destroy it.

    How come?  If we’ve a problem or something bad has happened to us, many emotions & behaviours emerge that are difficult to deal with because we are under stress.  We tend to shut down & become introverted in order to deal with the situation because we feel embarrassed, a failure, shamed, uneasy, the list is endless.  We feel we are the only ones with that particular problem.  This is true, as each situation is as different as every person, when you look at it at a molecular level.  Step back a bit (difficult when you are so close to the problem), & you’ll see others with the same problem.  You may have to look for them, but they are there.

    Another person or a whole group of people who have the same problem as you! It can be a bit of a shock, but others out there have gone through/are going through the same situation as you.  The choice is: Do you suffer in silence & become a true sufferer of SSS or do you join forces with the others to get & give support?  These days, there is more support out there than ever with the evolvement of the internet & social media, so there is no need to suffer long term from SSS.  Take your wonderful, unique, snowflake self & become part of a blanket of snow that can offer so much more than a cold shoulder to cry on.



    If you recognise yourself as suffering from SSS with a particular problem, chances are someone else has the same one too.  Not exactly the same, but similar enough to be able to give some support.  Why suffer alone? Seek out support. Once you’ve got support, you can go on to het help, if that is what you want.  You have to act & seek support or be ready to accept it.  Don’t suffer from SSS needlessly.  Do something within 24 hours of reading this!

    If you recognise the SSS symptoms in someone else.  If you’re not a suffering from SSS yourself, you will know someone who is.  Help them find the support they think they don’t need.  Please note: This will probably require the subtle touch of a falling snowflake, not the sharp impact of a snowball in the face!

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