• You have to be in-ebriated to make New Year Resolutions: You have to be in-spired to make Goals!
    Wednesday, January 25, 2017

    You have to be in-ebriated to make New Year Resolutions: You have to be in-spired to make Goals!

    The timing of New Year Resolutions is abominable.  The time gap between Christmas & New Year is a bad environment in which to make a decision that is intended to make your life better.  We’re often stressed, suffering from over-eating & over-drinking & nearly always financially lean. 


    Very little thought actually goes into them, very little planning is done, so it’s not surprising that instead of exploding into action with the New Year fireworks, they behave like a damp squib & just fizzle out.  Some may last until the daily routine of work kicks in after the holiday. Few actually make it to fruition. 2016 statistics say that only 9.2% of people who made resolutions were successful & those over 50 years of age are half as likely to be part of that 9.2% than those in their 20s*.  Older & wiser or have the over 50s discovered the finer arts of Goal setting?

    I recommend you ditch making New Year Resolutions & set Goals instead!  Proper goal setting should be done at a time when you’re energy levels are at their peak; when your creative juices are flowing; when there is not a wine glass or sausage roll in sight; when all of the chocolates have been eaten, binned or given away as raffle prizes; & every speck of tinsel has been packed away ready for next year.  i.e. when you’re back to work or when normal service has been resumed.

    Do We Need Goals?smart.jpg

    In the cold light of day, you may think ‘Why do I need goals?’ I got through last year, so I’ll make it through this year.  Yes, you will (hopefully) make it through another year but why not make it interesting, satisfying, fulfilling instead of mundane & repetitive?  Maslow (1943) stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs (see image). When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fulfil the next one, and so on.  It’s in our DNA to achieve but our fears & inhibitions hold us back & stop us from achieving.  Let’s enjoy the journey to the top by achieving things we want to do rather than have others (family, employers, peers) tell us what to do!  It helps to have a Goal, with a plan to achieve. 

    Key To Success

    There are many ways of making Goals: The secret of success is setting Goals.  The process of setting them, respecting the process & recognising your limits is the key.  You can set Goals yourself & be successful, but to take to them to the next level & be skilled at Goal setting is the ultimate Goal of Goals.  Develop the skill & you’ll be set for life.  I practice & encourage the use of the tried & tested SMART Goal setting.  It’s not for everyone, but for the connoisseur, the high achievers, professionals & those that value themselves; this has got to be the best model as it delves into details, ties up loose ends & works to succeed.

    All goals and targets should be SMART**.  If put against this model they stand a better chance of success – but still need YOU to make them happen


    For Example

    I wanted to make a Christmas Stocking for my youngest Granddaughter.  I wanted to do something different for her, so I challenged myself to knit one.  I hadn’t picked up a set of knitting needles since I was a pre-teen & I had no idea of how to ‘turn a heel’ so if I was to succeed in producing something that was suitable for an heirloom, I needed a plan.  I needed to set a Goal.  Following the SMART model, I set my goal, used milestones to measure my progress & ensure I had an expert on hand if things went pear-shaped (as opposed to foot-shaped).  It stretched me at a time when I had plenty of other things to do, but it was useful in that it slowed me down & gave me time to be creative – a great pre-Christmas stress buster!

    The Reward

    A crucial part of Goal setting is remembering to reward yourself on completion.  Rewards are also vital when milestones are reached.  They can compensate for the hardship, discomfort, pain caused by stepping outside of your comfort zone.  They can be physical or emotional & the warm glow of success will remind you of your achievement for a long time afterwards.  That’s why Marathon runners are awarded medals at the end of a race. What it stands for makes the physical & mental exhaustion worth it.

    And what do we do when we have succeeded in all of the above?  We start the whole process again with a new Goal; new challenges, new experiences, new skills.  We only have one life, so let’s live it to the full!

    If I can help set your goals & make sure you stay on track with them, please contact me using the ‘Contact Us’ page. Adding a Coach to the plan enhances the whole experience & gives you the skills to do it yourself.

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    **SMART criteria are commonly attributed to Peter Drucker’s management by objectives concept.

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