• Ready For A ‘U’ Turn In Your WLB?
    Thursday, May 11, 2017

    Ready For A ‘U’ Turn In Your WLB?

    Finding it difficult to maintain a good Work Life Balance (WLB)?  You’re not alone!  There is a trick to getting the right balance (& keeping it) & it involves moving with the times.  I’m not talking technology here but our actual years & times of our lives.

    Research has shown that there is a ‘U’ shape to our perception of job satisfaction & personal gratitude as far as our careers go^.  Which age group do you fall into?
     25‑34 years (or those just starting out in their chosen career) appreciate jobs that have prospects & that will benefit you in the future.  You are willing to put in the hours & hard work as you believe it is an investment in your future.
     35‑44 years show a decrease in satisfaction in your work life balance, time off & pay.  Financial & family responsibilities are peaking alongside your desire to have time to yourself as your career is (hopefully) profiting from all the hard work you put in earlier.
     45‑55 years including those who now extend your working lives due to financial shortfalls or sheer boredom.  You have been working hard & are now, presumably aiming for retirement/semi-retirement.  You are less concerned with job opportunities, performance figures & time off as you know the end (of your working life) is in sight.

    I’m not one for putting people into boxes, so if you don’t match up to your age, please pick the most appropriate description of your current situation.  Once you know where you sit on the ‘U’, you can balance your life to suit you.

    If you’re young & your career satisfaction levels are high, pay particular attention to ensuring you get enough ‘me’ time to be able to enjoy it.  Burn out won’t put you in a good place for when your satisfaction levels dip in a few years’ time.  I hope they don’t drop, but statistics say they will.  Get into good WLB practices NOW!

    If you’re in the Mid years & have an unbalanced WLB, things could reach the overwhelm state when you don’t know which way to turn.  Take serious time out to put your life into balance as all the hard work you put into your earlier years could be for nothing & you could see if slip through your fingers if you can’t take control of your time.

    If you’re in the later stage of your career & your job satisfaction levels are rising , you may fall into the complacency trap.  The job is easy as you’ve been doing it for years & you slip into a rut, become complacent & let standards drop.  You may not mean this to happen, but it can easily happen.  To maintain your professionalism & integrity, you will need to re-energise your life with other (outside work) interests that will keep you mentally & physically alert & remain professional to the end of your carer.

    Now you know what to expect.  If you want to know how to get & maintain a good work life balance that works for you & not your colleagues or your boss or your family, please get in touch.



    1. Check which time of life you’re at on the ‘U’
    2. See what the pitfalls are associated with your time of life
    3. Do something to reach a good work life balance – now

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