• Digging yourself into a hole? It could make you whole!
    Monday, March 11, 2019

    Digging yourself into a hole? It could make you whole!

    “I’m in a big hole and I can’t find a way out”

    It’s another way of saying “I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it.”  Sometimes we can talk our way out of a hole; a problem halved is a problem shared.  Sometimes we dig the hole deeper in order to get out of it and find ourselves worse off than when we started.

    Physical holes V Mental holes

    Physical strength is not an issue as if we fall down a hole; we can always pull ourselves out or shout for help.  Mental strength is different with one in six of us (in England) reporting a general anxiety disorder every week*.  If we’re in a mental hole, it’s difficult to seek help and we may not even recognise we’ve walked into one.


    This is the time of year when you can’t get from A to B on the roads without

    a.       Somebody closing an entire road with barriers

    b.      Somebody cordoning off a lane with traffic lights

    c.       Somebody guarding a small area with traffic cones

    Recently there have been barriers, traffic lights and cones on every road I travel to work on.  One was of particular inconvenience as it closed my commuting route completely.  There were big yellow advance warning signs, followed by a large area sectioned of with barriers, followed by a hole in the road, followed by a few days of absolutely nothing happening and no work going on whatsoever, followed by a neat little repair patch in the road.  Normal service had been resumed as if nothing had happened.

    The reason for the gross inconvenience and disruption?  A nearby house was undergoing renovations and a gas supply was needed to make it a functional, comfortable, fit for purpose dwelling.  A hole was needed to dig down, tap into the energy supply and connect it to the house. 

    Why holes are important for our personal development

    Sometimes, we need to dig deep into our mental highways to connect to a power supply to improve our lives.  It can be awkward, inconvenient and disruptive during the dig but the benefits can far outweigh the risk of being left behind and allowing life to swallow us up and overwhelm us completely.

    By choosing to dig our own hole, we prevent falling into one we didn’t see.  By choosing to tap into a power supply, we prevent being drained by ever increasing demands on us. By choosing when to dig, we prevent an Emergency Call Out and we know how costly and inconvenient these are.

    So dig your hole to connect to whatever power source you need right now, to improve your energy, motivation, focus, etc.  Take charge of your life and make it whole!  You can buy spades and shovels (self-help books); you can hire excavators (online courses); you can get specialists who can guide you in where to dig for the best possible outcome, in the least amount of time with the maximum efficiency.

    I believe in getting the specialists in to tailor to each unique set of circumstances so that’s why I offer personal life coaching on a 121 basis.   Getting me on board also means you get to fill in your hole with the correct materials (no landfill rubbish) and achieve a professional finish.  If you want to improve your life this way, please use the contacts at the bottom of this blog. 


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