• THE BALANCE - University Prep.
    Sunday, July 29, 2018

    THE BALANCE - University Prep.

    THE BALANCE - University Prep.
     Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coaching in 4 sessions that will help you learn more effectively than before; relax at a deeper level; have more time for what you want to do.
    August is all about setting them up for University. Visit me here …..
    SESSION 1- Discovery
    Parent’s version: For years you have encouraged them to learn new things, develop their personalities & be ready for the world.  University is the time when you step back & let them continue the journey on their own. Building on what you have done so far, they will discover their naturally preferred system of learning & use it to discover more, faster & with more focus, not just about their chosen subject, but about life. 
    Student’s version: Your parents will be worried about you going to University, no matter what they say. You can assure them that you will be creating a plan to take with you that will enable you to learn all you need to know, easily & effortlessly & enjoy University life while you’re there.
    SESSION 2 – Taking Control
    Parent’s version: By raising awareness of the Core Values (the moral code of conduct that you have raised them on), it will help keep them out of trouble by making it easy to say ‘No’ to social pressures away from home & take control of tempting or uncomfortable situations.
    Student’s version: Your parents will be worried about you getting pulled into a drink & drug culture while you’re away from home. Temptation comes in all shapes & sizes so it’s important for you to be in control of your life & do what you want to do, not what others would like you to do. This section makes it easy to say ‘No’ and stay in control of your life.
     SESSION 3 – Learning
    Parent’s version: Schools, by their very nature teach a syllabus to get pupils to a certain standard of education for them to enter University.  As they are unable to teach on a 1:1 ratio, they use a standard process of teaching.  This session will find the optimum learning strategy that is unique to your Young Adult & enable them to use it to maximise their learning potential.
    Student’s version: This session gives you the short cut learning stuff:  A way of learning really quickly so you can party all night instead of cramming all night. No pill popping to keep you awake, then another to get you to sleep, but a natural strategy that’s unique to you.
     SESSION 4- Reflection, Summary & Relaxation
    Parent’s version: This session embeds the learning of the skills learnt so far & includes a technique for deep relaxation they can take away with them & use when (University) life gets stressful, especially at exam time. Proper relaxation increases learning, enhances experiences and improves mental health.
    Student’s version: It’s vital in these times to have time to process what you learn & what you experience. When things get tough, the heat is on & pressure mounts (this applies to life in general, not just University life), what you will learn in this session is a technique to ‘chill’ & literally cool down from the heat & pressure of University life.  It will also & allow you to go out & enjoy your social life more as you will have the studying under control.
    Unlimited email access for quick problem solving & regular telephone/text/chat support conversations
    Each 121 stage will last for approximately 60 minutes at a location that will be arranged.  How long it takes between each stage is entirely up to you. We go at your pace & don’t move on until you are ready.
    This package comes with a FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not fully satisfied with progress by the midway point, I will refund your money in full.  See terms & conditions on booking form.
    £399 to include a System Preference Test before session 1, structured support for the duration of THE BALANCE University Prep. & for 30 days after session 4.  If additional sessions are required to reach your goal they will be arranged at no extra cost.

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