• Recharge your batteries in the Great British Queue!
    Monday, July 9, 2018

    Recharge your batteries in the Great British Queue!

    Going on holiday is a great way to recharge your batteries but it can also cause stress if not approached in the right way.  There are challenges to face, particularly in the form of the Great British Queue.

    It’s summer time & the Great British queue season is upon us. Actually I don’t think it ever goes away but seeing people queuing up for a Wimbledon ticket in the sweltering heat has me wondering how they cope. It would appear they cope very well as there are systems in place to make the queuing as pleasant as possible.

    As I write, the current official queue status is that people are queuing to get into the queue.  The official Wimbledon website has a page dedicated to queuing. It gives a guide on queuing, queuing procedures, & a code of conduct. On the whole, the Wimbledon queue is in good spirits, well behaved & moves slowly forward with one aim – to get through the gates & enjoy watching a game of tennis.  They come prepared, in the right mindset – two very important qualities that will come into play later.
    Other forms of queuing are often not so enjoyable.  When they spring up unexpectedly or form in front you for no apparent reason, they can be beasts from hell. So, this month’s ‘Look on Life’ dedicated to Holiday Queuing. Whether you find yourself in a queue of traffic, an airport queue, ice cream queue or the ever popular Ladies toilet queue; this will reduce your stress & may even make the experience enjoyable.

    About The Queue
    Queues are a necessary part of life.  They form when demand outstrips supply & their purpose is to apply fairness, in that those who ‘demand’ first, are ‘supplied’ first & become First.  People arriving after the First, are expected to stand behind until it is their turn to be First & so on until the queue ends due to there being no more Firsts or there are no supplies left.

    The IVY work life balance COACHING Guide to Holiday Queuing

    Preparation before the queue
    1.       Anticipate events that may slow you down e.g. traffic jams & toilet stops, melting tarmac & cinque holes. Starting early is part of the preparation. 
    2.       Take supplies with you – food, water, entertainment.
    3.       All travellers (this includes small children, larger children & adults that behave like children) to adopt the mindset of ‘the journey is part of the holiday’. Relax & enjoy it.
    Arrival at the queue
    4.       You will normally be expected to join a queue at the end.  Joining it at any other point will cause upset & stress to those already in the queue, behind the point at which you join it & also to yourself.  If you are unsure where the end is – ask!
    5.       Ensure you are in the right queue. If you didn’t seek clarification before you joined it (I consider this preparation), seek it, or it will play havoc with your holiday mindset.
    6.       Follow official advice given BEFORE you become First.  Remove belts, shoes, place liquids in clear bags, know where your passport & boarding pass is etc. This will save time & stress.
    7.       If possible, start a conversation with those in front or behind you in the queue.  Yes, they may be complete strangers but you already have something in common with them – you are both going on holiday to the same      destination (providing you are in the right queue – see point 5).
    8.       Practice the holiday mindset – the queue is part of the holiday. Relax & enjoy it.

    Becoming First in the queue
    9.       It’s always a good habit to reward yourself for achieving something.  Getting to the front of the queue is one of these moments.  Approach the X-ray machine & the ‘pat-down’, with an air of celebration.  This is your time: You have stood in the queue, followed numbers 1 – 8 to the letter, so now is time to celebrate with a small ‘c’.
    10.   Thank the Customs Officials who look suspiciously at your travelling credentials; it’s their job, it’s not personal. Gratitude is also a good habit, so be thankful that they are there for your protection.  Believing that they are there just to make your life miserable is being ungrateful.
    11.   Look back at the queue behind you to remind yourself of how far you have come.  It may have taken an age, but you have become First.
    12.   Be prepared to start all over again from point 4 at any part of your holiday.

    Relax & enjoy it!


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