About Ivy Work Life Balance Coaching

Ivy Work Life Balance Coaching’s qualified Life Coach & Mentor is Ann Wootton.

Special People

There are two people I have to thank for getting me to IVY work life balance COACHING.  The first is a wonderful lady called Muriel.  She came into my life at the age of eight & stayed with me until I was twenty two.  Throughout those formative years she guided & encouraged me to success through a series of small steps; set my moral compass; introduced me to the joys of giving; taught me that to fail is not to try; inspired me to try things I’d never considered or knew existed.

The second is Karen, who came decades after Muriel & stayed for only a few months.  I was training to become a Coach at my place of work & Karen was my course tutor.  She was a ‘people person’, an excellent teacher & an inspiring role model.  “You’re a natural at this (coaching)” she said towards the end of the course.  Those five words inspired me to change my career & motivated me to make it happen.

Success in Half the Time

After two years of studying whilst working full time, it was time to start my own coaching business.  In the first year I let someone down, badly, because I was multi-tasking & lost focus.  Running my business whilst holding down a full time job wasn’t working out the way I'd planned.  The choice I made was to cut my working hours by half and spend the other half coaching.  My work life balance was created – and it works.

Finding the Balance

Having two jobs & a family requires energy & commitment - emotionally, mentally & physically.  It is all possible because I balance my life; I don’t juggle it.  Balancing takes up far less energy & is less stressful than juggling, so in a world where time & energy are in short supply, it makes sense to balance.


CMI level 3 and ILM level 5 in Coaching & Mentoring: Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): National Certificate in Work Place Mediation: A life time’s experience of balancing work, family life & ‘Me’ time.