Work Life Balance

The boundaries between paid work and personal time are blurring.

Let me help you balance your life.

Welcome to IVY Work Life Balance COACHING


I’ve found the best way I can help you achieve the Work Life Balance you need and deserve, is to have a 30 minute chat over the phone or face to face, if that’s possible. It’s free; it’s confidential, it’s enlightening and it will reassure you that there is a way to balance your life, rather than juggle it. The chat is not a coaching session; it’s more of a time where we can get to know one another and discover just what it is you need. I call it a ‘Discovery Session’ and it’s the opportunity to find out what I can do to help improve your Work Life Balance. 30 minutes that could drastically improve your life.

Success Stories


"..... it gives me more positivity about myself, to realise, that someone has actually listened and understood the very complex condition that I have lived...

Ann has taught me how to approach new situations & people with the least amount of anxiety & the most amount of enjoyment. Ann's coaching style gave me the confidence to pass my driving test.
(I was) In a muddle, overloaded, didn't know how to organise my time.  I found my coach to be gentle, kind, caring and understanding. Also non-judgemental and accepting. She offered useful ideas that were manageable...

What Is Life Coaching?